FINGER LAKES METAL FEST is a FREE, all ages, metal showcase geared to promoting the local and regional metal scene.

This event takes place in upstate New York’s northern Finger Lakes region in the spring each year the weekend before Memorial Day weekend.

FINGER LAKES METAL FEST was started in 2006 by David Henninger.
It was conceived with the purpose of promoting the metal scene in a region where clubs and bars at the time were not very receptive to metal bands.
Since the first FLMF was held in a small bar in Newark, NY called TOMMY’S, with 5 local bands, it has grown by leaps and bounds and is now the most successful event of
its kind in Wayne County, NY and has spawned or inspired several other similar events around the region.
Each year we begin taking band submissions between October 1st to January 1st.
If any band would like to be considered, all you need is to be a metal band of some sort, with at least a ½ hour of original material and at least one tune we can listen to in its
entirety, via music file or on CD.

This is a non-paying gig, bands will be performing for the sake of promoting themselves, networking and general fun.

We get plenty of bands to want to perform at this event each year. And although we would love to have every band that wants in to be able to play a set, it is not  possible,
due to time constraints, to have every band that wants in to perform. So we have developed a selection process, in which a team of reviewers will determine which bands
will be invited to perform at this event.

Bands will be selected based on original material among other factors.
We wish to have a variety of different styles of metal bands perform at this event. In other words, we don’t want to hold an event where every band sounds the same, which
is often the case with multi band shows these days. Ours should be unique and have something for all types of metal heads of all ages. This will be a no-clone show.

Artist Relations - Rick Horton

David Henninger - Founder